About Denn Santoro

Photo of Denn Santoro
Photo by Brian Connelly of Craobh Rua.

My photos generally concentrate on the interplay of angles and shapes and light. I compose with a point of view that is intended to confound the viewers' normal perspective and view of the world. I enjoy playing with the viewers' perceptual tendencies in ways that make them engage with the image as they try to force it into a more usual perceptual framework. I do this in various ways from using radical perspectives, tight and unusual composition, subtle lines that skew the perspective in a way the mind tends to reject and readjust, placing the focus in unexpected places or the simple inclusion of odd detail. I often create photos that are an abstraction of the subject such that it is hard to recognize at first or at all. The viewer, offered a perspective they would be unlikely to see in everyday experience, should engage with the subjects of the work and, hopefully, see them in a new way. I try and make my work visually interesting and perceptually difficult.

I do almost all my composition in-camera. I rarely crop my photos nor do I modify them in any other way from the actual result of what the camera captured. No digital or other manipulation is involved. The prints are actual photo prints (silver halide type processing C-prints), not digital prints.

I live and work on the South Coast of MA. Some of my work is in private collections in the US and Europe and the permanent collection at Southcoast Hospital in New Bedford. I have exhibited in New England and Europe. My work has also been used on various artists cds, tour posters and web sites.

I was profiled in South Coast Insider in August 2007. (If you read the article, that really is a ceiling though).


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